Why People Attend Our Bathhouse: 

-Rest and Relaxation

-To gossip and make conversation with other bath goers

-To compete in their favorite sports and activities and to exercise

-To be seen as a person of high status (if one is deeply concerned with their own status)

-We serve alcohol! May of our customers enjoy getting drunk in our bath house

-To admire our outstanding architecture and impressive art

-And to get Clean!

Costumer Testimonials:

“The art inside the bathhouse is just magnificent: my eyes were going crazy while the rest of my body was completely relaxed.”  - Marca

“The Amelia Public Baths provided such great service; the bathers did a great job!” – Gaius

“I had such a great time at the Amelia Public Baths; and the low prices allow me to go back again and again!” - Quintus

“I love going to the Amelia Public Baths because I get to gossip with the other ladies while being pampered!” - Gnaea

“My companions and I try to attend the Amelia Public Bathhouse regularly to enjoy ourselves by drinking and lifting weights” - Spurius